Free obits, a cost free site to place an obituary for a friend or family member

With the high cost of having an obituary placed in a daily newspaper, can allow a family member or friend the opportunity to write an obituary and post it for all of the world to read without any charge.  And this obituary will remain free and never require a sponsorship donation to keep it posted like some web sites require.

 Three simple steps to follow and your obituary will be placed on this site and you can simply copy the link and forward it to family and friends. Register, Login  and Post the obituary with pictures if you would like. There is a Help section to assist you in each step. 

This site can also be used for friends and family members who may have passed away many years ago and either because of cost, or lack of time or information a proper and detailed obituary was never written allows you to search for obituaries that have been placed previously on this web site, as well as a place to leave a thought of condolence for the deceased’s family.

We hope this web site can offer you some peace at a difficult time in your life.

If you have any questions please contact me at

Tom Kender