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Updated 11-24-2023

Welcome to the Adaptive RC Sailing Crew

"True excellence takes sacrifice, mistakes, and enormous amounts of effort." - Rafe Esquith
"If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough." - Mario Andretti
      " Learning to sail an RC sailboat is easy.
         Getting it to go to a certain mark takes some practice.
         The hard part is getting to a mark before everyone else." - Ralph Kanko

This Adaptive RC Sailing site is intended to be a community center for exchanging ideas related to creating and developing various techniques for those RC skippers who may have undergone debilitating injuries or disease. Hopefully, participants and contributors will include both those with questions and especially those with proposed solutions to situations related to adaptive RC model sailboating.
  Initial Effort: The inaugral project is an innovative approach using an Arduino UNO micro-controller interface that can be easily connected to most radio transmitters used by RC skippers. Readily available adaptive devices (for example, sip & puff switches), already familiar to physically disabled individuals, are used to bridge the gap between the skipper and his/her sailboat. A more detailed description of the project and links to the Ardunio Sketches and images of the prototype interface can be accessed from the Menu Tabs.Projects
  Participation: Anyone expressing an interest in model RC sailboating is welcome to participate. We especially look forward to restoring the pleasure of model sailboating to those who may have lost the physical ability to control a thumb stick. Please consider joining our membership by registering.
  Developers: If you wish to participate in developing this forum or if you have questions, suggestions, solutions, requests, complaints, criticisms; please forward same to adaptivercsailing@gmail.com.
Source code and other techical information can be uploaded to GitHub Adaptive RC Sailing

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With good tools, suitable techniques, and proper instruction - all things are possible.